About me

Senior Mobile developer with a passion for building great products with a pragmatic approach.
My main focus for the time being is developing for the IOS platform but are constantly striving to improve my skills and learn new technologies eg. Security on mobile platforms and Python

Specialties: Swift & Objective-C (……. and an active new user of Xamarin:-))

✓ iOS app developer since 2010
✓ Fluent in Swift, Objective-C, and the iOS SDK
✓ Fluent in Auto Layout aka Auto Layout connoisseur:-)
✓ Well-versed with design patterns, best practices
✓ Well-versed in Apple’s Secure Coding Guide
✓ Well-versed in Apple’s iOS human interface guidelines (HIG)
✓ Well-versed in publishing apps on the App Store

Primary skills:
iOS: Swift, Objective-C, AutoLayout, Python, C#, Java, Cocoa Touch, Core Data, Core Graphics, Core Animation, Core Location,MapKit, Alamofire
Databases: Realm
Tools: Xcode, Xamarin, Instruments, CocoaPods, Git, HoykeyApp, Asana, Postman

Best Practices:
Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), Design Patterns, User Experience (UE/UX), Agile

I offer the following services:

I founded Aipops in 2013. I have more than 13 years of experience in application development for various platforms. Currently I’m specialized in native iOS development using Swift. I’ve been writing Objective C and using the iOS developer frameworks since the 2010. I launched my first app — Nykredit Mobil Bank — back in December 2010. Since then I’ve worked on numerous iPhone and iPad apps.

A mobile application fits into a bigger picture. I have experience creating a technical analysis and designing the system’s architecture.

Need help on a mobile or web project? Besides being a developer, I also have experience in project management, software architecture, analysis and training courses in IOS. I can guide you towards the best approach for your app and recommend the best technical approach that makes sense for your project.

I can help turn your ideas into working software
When you hire me, you’re not just hiring a developer – you’re hiring somebody to guide you throughout your project from inception to completion.
I can help you break down your idea into functional requirements and help you prioritise those requirements in order to get from idea to a working prototype as quickly as possible and within your budget.