Need to train your team as quickly as possible? Aipops training program is the
perfect fit.

I cover a lot of ground in a matter of days, meaning your developers and designers level up their skills in only a few days.

I help teams of all sizes learn new skills so they can solve the problems that your organization faces. Whether you’re looking to train your new hires, level up your current developers or cross-train specific teams, Aipops can help.

You provide the space, and i’ll bring the training straight to your door. Aipops has taught iOS development since it was launched.

Whether you’re just starting out in iOS development or are looking for advanced training, I have a course for you.
In my fast-paced courses, you can learn:

  • The Swift language How Swift and Objective-C work together in a project
  • Auto Layout
  • Core Data
  • Custom and interactive transitions
  • Protocols, extensions and generics