Epos Connect App

At EPOS, I played a dual role as an architect and developer, leveraging my proficiency in iOS technologies, including Swift, SwiftUI, RXSwift, and Bluetooth technologies, among others like Git, Carthage, and Fastlane. and Objective-C, to contribute to the creation of mobile applications for EPOS Headsets. My primary focus was on the development of the EPOS CONNECT app, designed to interact seamlessly with the headsets.

Within the team at EPOS, I collaborated closely with iOS and Android developers, UX designers, product owners, testers, and project managers. Our shared goal was to craft products that not only served the headset users but also enriched their experiences.

As an Architect, I resolved key functional and architectural issues, providing continuity in app solution decisions. Together with the team, I designed app architectures for iOS and Android, ensuring harmonized coding practices and balancing software quality and speed in requirements review.

My role also included communicating design plans to stakeholders and coordinating with fellow architects.

I’ve trained my leadership skills through a management fundamentals course and broadened my technical knowledge with Python during my Machine Learning studies.