It’s key for us developers to keep a step ahead, crafting apps with greater speed, quality, and a knack for boosting our productivity. With the advent of AI technologies like ChatGPT and Gemini , new possibilities has opened up, promising to revolutionize how we can approach our projects. ChatGPT(OpenAI), and Gemini(Google) stands out as a the leading transformative tools, offering functionalities designed to enhance productivity, creativity, and efficiency in development processes. Instead of talking about
Landscape of a developer’s workspace with a screen displaying code. Above the laptop, two floating icons are prominently labeled ‘Combine’ and ‘Closures’.Credits: Dall-E In the ever-evolving world of Swift, we developers are constantly bombarded with choices. With the introduction of Combine in recent years and the long-standing use of Closures, the debate has become heated, also in my current assignment ….: Which approach should we adopt for handling asynchronous operations? Having had my hands deep
Photo credits go to Dall-E. As for the observant reader, you can see that the words are not always correctly spelled when you prompt for something and get something else 🙂 Tech is always on the move, and right now, I’m right in the thick of things. I’m exploring a world a where not only Swift and Objective-C reign but also tools like React Native make waves in mobile development. Meanwhile, I’m also dipping my

Summer Detour: iOS Work and AI Pit Stop

Posted on September 22, 2023
Hey everyone! A couple of months ago, I wrote all about my big summer plans to dive into the world of artificial intelligence. Well, summer’s wrapped up, so let’s talk about how it went! What I Managed to Check Off So, I had a whole list of stuff I wanted to learn—starting from the basics of AI to becoming a certified AI genius (okay, maybe not a genius, but you get what I mean). The
In my last article, I described my upcoming summer focus on learning more about artificial intelligence (AI). It will be a summer that will unveil new possibilities for me as a programmer. Therefore, in this article, I will share my more detailed roadmap for this education within AI – a roadmap designed to help me transition my skills as a traditional programmer(IOS) into the skills required by an AI engineer. 1. Learn the Basics of AI