Summer Detour: iOS Work and AI Pit Stop

Hey everyone! A couple of months ago, I wrote all about my big summer plans to dive into the world of artificial intelligence. Well, summer’s wrapped up, so let’s talk about how it went!

What I Managed to Check Off

So, I had a whole list of stuff I wanted to learn—starting from the basics of AI to becoming a certified AI genius (okay, maybe not a genius, but you get what I mean).

The Basics: AI and Machine Learning

I kicked things off with the “The Hundred-Page Machine Learning Book,” which was good. It’s like the ‘AI for Dummies,’ but smarter. It helped me get my head around some of the AI jargon.

The Programming Part: Hello, Python!

I come from a Swift and Objective-C world, so Python was, well, like learning Greek at first. But it’s nice to see what some solid hours and tutorials can do. Python and I are on speaking terms now, and I’ve even digged in some libraries like NumPy and Pandas.

The Plot Twist

Just when I was ready to move onto the next thing—AI libraries and datasets—a new iOS developer contract came my way. Real-world projects wait for no one, so I had to hit the pause button on the AI journey.

What’s Next?

Now, balancing my iOS contract work and these AI ambitions isn’t going to be a walk in the park. But I’m not giving up. Once things settle down, I’ll pick up right where I left off. Neural networks, machine learning models, and more of those fancy terms are still on my to-do list.

Blending Two Worlds

Even though I’ve only dipped my toes into the AI pond, I’m already daydreaming about combining iOS development with AI. Think about it—apps that can predict your needs, offer personalized tips. The possibilities seems endless!

So, that’s the summer wrap-up!

Till the next update, T