Nykredit MobilBank

As the lead iOS Mobile Developer at Nykredit, I played a pivotal role in the design, development, and implementation of the company’s maiden mobile banking solution, particularly optimized for iPhone and iPad devices. I began as the only permanently employed iOS developer, spearheading the foundational development of the iPhone application, and later collaborated with three external consultants for the iPad variant.

My duties encompassed a wide range of technical and coordination tasks. At the heart of my responsibilities was the coordination of code between the iPhone and iPad solutions, ensuring seamless functionality across platforms. As the Lead Developer, I upheld stringent code quality by reviewing and validating the code delivered by external developers for adherence to current standards.

Working in synergy with the marketing team and a graphic designer, I translated designs provided by an external company into a mobile-friendly, implementable design for our iOS devices. Furthermore, I worked closely with backend programmers to align service calls to and from the iOS application.

On the technical front, I developed app features using Objective-C and Cocoa, leveraging Xcode and Interface Builder. My role also saw me gaining expertise in the interplay between these technologies. I played a crucial part in incorporating NemID into the mobile banking solution, making it the first Danish mobile bank to include this feature, working side by side with NETS.