Nets – MitID

At NETS, as a freelance consultant I’ve taken on the role of a Senior iOS Developer, working specifically on the MitID project in Copenhagen. In this capacity, I’ve leveraged my extensive knowledge in iOS technologies, to deliver high-quality code and solutions.

Collaborating with a skilled team of iOS and Android developers, UX/UI designers, product owners, and project managers, my contributions are integral to achieving a product that tries to goes beyond simply meeting user requirements to genuinely enhancing their experience with the MitID app.

A focal point of my responsibilities has been resolving functional challenges. My involvement in this area has been ensuring that the MitID app is both robust and scalable. Additionally, I have a role in application decisions, offering input that helps maintain a coherent and unified vision for the project.

One of my contributions has been working with a comprehensive Design System, designed by a skilled developer, within the app. This initiative has helped standardize the UI/UX components, enhancing consistency and user satisfaction.

From a technical standpoint, I frequently employ Swift Closures for tasks that benefit from functional programming paradigms. In this context, it has been an invaluable tool. I’ve utilized them extensively for encapsulating discrete blocks of functionality, making it easier to write clean, readable, and reusable code. This has been particularly beneficial in the handling of asynchronous operations and callbacks, streamlining the codebase and reducing potential errors. This approach has improved code readability and reusability across the board.

During my time at NETS, I’ve seen multiple challenges has been an opportunity for learning, deepening my understanding of the field, like a lot of solutions I’ve worked on has not just addressed immediate needs but also added to my skill set, contributing to my ongoing development. This process has made me a more capable developer and a more adaptable individual. The supportive environment at NETS has been conducive to this continual learning, making days at work meaningful in my career.